Welcome to the RiFF RAFF ViP Access where new singles, new albums, and anything noteworthy, will be submitted here before it goes public.

If you are seeing this page, it's because you are someone we value and would like to work with on anything new that we put out under RiFF RAFF's name.



RiFF RAFF will be releasing a new single every Friday through March leading up to his newest album "Cherry Chupacabra"  which will be released on all platforms March 31st, 2023. Additional songs will continually be released every Friday after the album drop through mid-April and possibly longer.

  • Fendi Floor Mats (to be released 03.10) is Riff's newest single to come out.

  • Gucci Sweater has quickly become a fan favorite with 2 music videos: 1 on Youtube and the other NSFW version on his OnlyFans.

  • Moncler Machette (released Feb. 10) was dropped with 5 other singles on the same day. All 5 songs are also becoming fan favorites.



Friday, March 10th (Fendi Floormats)

Friday, March 17th (Ain’t Giving Up My Truck)

Friday, March 24th (Arabian Knights)

Friday, March 31st (I Want A Ferrari Featuring Wiz Khalifa)

Friday, April 14th (I Want A Ferrari Remix)


RiFF RAFF is currently working on a phonk album with a very large (undisclosed) phonk artist, has an album nearly ready to be released in 2024 (album title named by Justin Bieber), and much more. If you are wanting to know more, or would like to get any information that you might need, just reach out. We would be happy to get on your playlist and help you however we can.